The Newest Threat To Your Future Children — Guess What Lowers Sperm Count Now

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what lowers sperm countGuess what lowers sperm count now? We’ve already heard about tighty whitiessoy products…. laptopsbeing French. The newest threat to your future children is lurking right in your living room, ladies. It’s the television. Specifically, it’s sitting for hours on end watching television.

Chairman of the British Fertility Society, Allan Pacey, isn’t all that surprised with the new findings. He explains,

“We know that men who wear too tight underwear have poorer sperm. So it’s not a million miles away from sitting on the sofa … for too long and heating up your testicles for too long. It’s the same mechanism I would suspect.”

Damn those warm testicles.

So just how much damage can watching television do to your chances of future baby-making? According to the study, those who watched 20 hours of television or more each week had a sperm count that was 44% less than those who watched almost no TV.

While television was the main focus of this study, the idea that sitting around on the couch is the root cause of the problem means that any significant amount of time spent seated and inactive could reduce a man’s chances of having kids. Video-game playing and reading both require lots of time sitting around. For many, just going to work each day means sitting in a comfy office chair at a computer for hours. All of that could have an impact.

Of course, sperm count isn’t the only important factor when it comes to getting pregnant. It’s not even the only factor for men to be concerned with. Shape and mobility both have roles to play in that whole baby-making initiative. Still, sperm count is a factor and it’s one that plenty of couples are concerned about.

So guys, it’s time to hop up off that couch and keep the boys cool. Your future children say thank you.

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P.S. Let’s all admire the fact that someone made a digital illustration of superhero sperm.