I Hate Holiday Photo Cards Because I Have Nothing Card-Worthy

20131101This weekend you guys are all logging onto those websites where you can make delightful photo cars to send to all of your friends and family this holiday season aren’t you? Or else you are all buying cute matching outfits for your kids and taking the photos so you can make them into holiday cards and ugh I am terrible because I have never, ever done this.

The closest I got was sending photo birth announcements when my kids were born.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, because I enjoy receiving these photo cards but I have never sent one. Part of the problem is that I’m notorious for taking horrible pictures of my kids throughout the year. I never manage to take pictures of them when they are looking cute in an outfit or at a school function, but as soon as my daughter is painting the dog’s nails or my kid creates a Lego strip club I am on that like Donkey Kong. These are not really holiday card worthy.

It’s like those family letters you get from relatives that list all of the wonderful things they did throughout the year to get everyone up to date. Mine would read something like:

Happy holidays! We have had an eventful year at the Vawter household. We have finally got my middle son to stop saying the F word at the dinner table and my eldest snuck his first taste of bourbon and spent an entire night vomiting. My daughter still gets bullied on occasion for acting her age and our air conditioner was broken for a while! Also, my MIL hates me and Merry Christmas!

I have to up my holiday game. Maybe I can quick art direct some piles of leaves for my kids to happily folic in so I can grab some pics or make someone in my family accomplish something so I can write in up in a letter.

Or else I just do what I always do, wait for the buy one get one half off sale of boxed cards at Hallmark.

(Image: Tiny prints)

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