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This Baby Needs to Wear Corrective Helmet, His Family Supports Him in the Cutest Way

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When little Jonas Gutierrez had to start wearing a corrective helmet, his older sister Camila worried that he would “feel different.” What a sweet three-year-old! She decided that she was also going to wear a helmet in solidarity. She eventually convinced her parents to wear helmets, too, and a picture of the adorable helmet family instantly went viral.

The “Back to Sleep” campaign, which prompts parents to put babies to sleep on their backs, has lowered the infant mortality rate in the US by 50%. But it’s also lead to a rise of something called positional plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome. It’s estimated that half of all infants may develop flat spots on their skulls. The majority of positional plagiocephaly cases are “generally benign, reversible anomalies” that are fixed with repositioning, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. But in severe cases, like Jonas Gutierrez, babies wear a corrective helmet to help reshape their heads.

Jonas’ parents, Gary and Shayna, were told their four-month-old would likely need to wear his helmet for two to six months. After Jonas wore his helmet for a few days, Camila started wearing her bike helmet. When Gary joined her, mom Shayna snapped a picture and sent it out to family members.

A cousin posted the picture on Twitter, where it’s been retweeted almost 25,000 times.

This lead to one of the best things I’ve seen on Twitter in weeks – a long thread of parents responding with pictures of their own babies in a corrective helmet!

Aggggh cute babies in helmets!

“I love that Camila can be exposed to something valuable like inclusion for those who are ‘different,'” Shayna told USA Today. “But the truth is we were just being our normal selves on a normal Saturday morning at home. We just gave into the requests of our 3-year-old who asks us to wear helmets.”

The pictures of Camila supporting Jonas will definitely come in handy when the kids get older and fight!

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(Image: Twitter / @SheaSerrano)