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Mom’s Video of Her Daughter Being Bullied Goes Viral

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Bullying is a complicated problem that has existed in our schools likely since compulsory education first began. Some kids one day decide that they don’t like another set of kids. Maybe they dislike their appearance, find them “too fat” or “too short.” Sometimes bullying stems from academic jealousy. Other times, it’s about social and economic status. Bullying can even sprout out of competition for friends and relationships. Regardless, bullying is wrong. But how do you stop it? How about on camera? That’s right. One Colorado mom recently got footage of her teen girl being bullied, and her story has gone completely viral.

Mandy Brown is a mother of 5 living in Aurora, a suburb of Denver. Her daughter, 15-year-old Laniey Carbajal, is a student at Gateway High School, where she has repeatedly become the victim of bullying. The bullying is so severe, in fact, that Carbajal has required escorts to get from class to class, to the bathrooms, and to her mother’s car.

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According to a video on FOX News 21, Carbajal’s bullying began after some girls perceived Carbajal to have a shared interest in a boy at school. From there, three girls have been following Carbajal every single day to torment the teen, even following her home from school.

It wasn’t until one afternoon that Carbajal called her mom to ask for help as she was being followed that Brown realized the full extent of the matter. In the videos posted to her Facebook page, two girls can be seen shouting obscenities at Brown’s car, with one girl holding a massive rock in her hand and threatening to throw it.

The post has now been shared 81k times.

Since then, Brown has pulled her daughter out of the school for her safety and peace of mind. She said her daughter had been asking about potentially taking the GED, as the girl turns 16 in just a few weeks. She is also seeking legal representation and has created a GoFundMe page in hopes of reaching their $20,000 goal.

In a recent post on Facebook, Brown said she would not stop until her daughter’s tormentors were expelled from the school, and until Colorado enacts anti-bullying laws to protect kids from this type of brutal behavior.

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