Look What My ‘Feminist’ Son Built Out Of Legos – Eyeroll

Yesterday I was working and dealing with my houseguest and after school my middle son, who is 11, came downstairs and gave me something with a big:


It took me a few minutes to get what he had made and he was laughing so hard I couldn’t even lecture him about it and to be honest, how could I really lecture him when it is pretty damn .. amusing.

My whole point is this, you can raise kids to believe all people should be treated equally. You can explain misogyny to them and call out sexist stereotypes when you see them and punish them if you should ever hear them calling women “sluts” or “bitches.” They can form their own opinions, have their own viewpoints, surprise you with the wisdom they drop on you when they are getting it right, and as a mom – beam all you want when they bring a troubling news story to your attention or tell you how when a classmate was commenting on what a girl was wearing they told the other kid to knock it off.

But at the end of the day, I guess… boys will be boys. At least my boy will, because even though he claims to be a feminist and even though he claims to understand what this vocation is all about, there are Legos to be played with.


This guy is obviously working to pay for college.


(Photos: Me)

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