I Didn’t Get My VBAC And It’s No Fault Of Any Hospital Or Doctor

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to hospital signI’m sitting here on a Sunday morning, now two weeks past my due date. A lot of women go past their due dates, so this wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t attempting to have a VBAC. Even my midwives agree that I shouldn’t go past 42 weeks for one of those.

In the past few weeks I have tried everything you can imagine to get this labor started. I hired a doula who taught me a bunch of “spinning babies” exercises. This is a technique that supposedly gets the baby into the best position for birth. One of the exercises even involved me doing an inversion off of the couch. I should have taped it.

I’ve eaten spicy food, curb-walked, seen a chiropractor that specializes in inducing labor, taken more brisk walks in this Florida heat than you can possibly imagine, drank thyme tea, ate pineapple, had anyone that would massage pressure points on my body – and even tried meditating this baby out of me. Nothing has worked.

Now, you may think that I am one of those women who wants the opportunity to wear the badge of honor for a natural childbirth. I’m not. It’s true, I would have refused any pain killers, but only because I have been told that they potentially slow your labor and are not conducive to succeeding with a VBAC. I have tried all of this stuff – argued with hospital staff, endured “you must be crazy” looks from my family, and driven myself half-crazy because I am terrified of having a c-section again.

Also, I just can’t believe that my body won’t just do this.

I spent a whole day in labor and delivery last week because my daughter decided to take a nap during a routine ultrasound. This led to less movement, and a worry amongst doctors that she may not be doing okay in there. Of course she started jumping around as soon as the ultrasound was over – but not soon enough to save me from six hours of observation.

I was hooked up to fetal monitors. Her heart rate was amazing and her movements were great. The nurses kept talking about “how happy she was in there,” in between their other comments about how big she was, how they couldn’t believe I wanted to do this without pain meds, and insisting that they didn’t think the doctor would “let me” even try.

Nurse: Everything looks great.

Me: Good. Can I go home now?

N: The doctor has to tell you about all the risks associated with VBAC first. You are overdue and you probably shouldn’t leave.

M: I thought you said everything looked great. I still have almost a week until I’m at 42 weeks.

N: Just wait for the doctor.

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