Enter Mommyish’s Bikini Beautiful Essay Contest!

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I am beautiful bathroom mirrorSummer is coming which means bathing suit time/ scantily-clad time.

Whether you’ll be full-term this summer, freshly postpartum, or just momming about on the beach with your brood, summer can bring a host of otherwise dormant body issues to the surface. And not just for you.

Bathing suit changing rooms and swim team practices can have children suddenly conscious of their own bodies in comparison to others. Not to mention the never receeding  wealth of media surrounding weight 24/7. With children as young as four eschewing overweight friends, the debate on instilling healthy body image in children continues.

Here at Mommyish, we’ll be celebrating Bikini Beautiful Week by delving into the always thorny issue of body acceptance, whether for ourselves or for our children.

We’re opening the conversation to Mommyish readers for an essay contest on how you personally instill positive body image in your sons and daughters. Please submit entries of between 600 and 800 words to editor(AT)mommyish(DOT)com by 11:59 EST on June 14th. The winning submissions will be featured on Mommyish!

Happy Bikini-ing!

(photo: B Calkins / Shutterstock)