Study Finds The Link Between Vaccines And Autism To Be — Oops! — There Isn’t One!

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vaccines and asthmaLook away, anti-vaxxers! Look away! Or, by all means, have a gander. Many of us in this modern parenting crucible of vaccine wars could stand to revisit our vaccination timetable, which is reportedly just fine.

Reuters reports that the guidelines for childhood immunization (such as whopping cough, measles, polio, among others) is “safe.” The timetable, which does recommend a whopping 24 vaccines by two years old, has been found free of any link between vaccines and autism, as well as asthma. Federal health advisers still recommend that those guidelines be “monitored.” And this was no weak 30-person study out of some random health clinic:

In what they called the most comprehensive review to date, scientists at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) said there is no evidence that giving children vaccines according to the recommended timetable causes other problems such as autism or asthma.

IOM, part of the National Academies, a federally-charted group of scientific advisers to the government, said it hopes the findings would reassure parents, doctors and others, but it recommends that the research continue.

Health officials requested the year-long review of existing research on the vaccine timetable that most of you are following. Reuters reports that only one percent of Americans refuse all vaccine recommendations (some just pick and choose their shots). Still, a reported 40 percent of parents find vaccinations suspicious, which makes findings like these all the more important.

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