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Self-Conscious Brides-To-Be Are Getting Plastic Surgery On Their Hands For Better Engagement Selfies

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plastic-surgery-engagement-ringWith people becoming increasingly critical of the way they look, and brides being notoriously worried about their looks in the months leading up to their weddings, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that a procedure exists to help make your hands less veiny and and the skin on your fingers more even-toned, thus ensuring that you’ll be able to snap the best hand-selfie to show off your rock on Facebook. In other news, I give up.

From ABC News:

When Christa got engaged last fall, she, like thousands of other women, wanted to show off her engagement ring on social media. But after snapping a few photos, she realized she didn’t like the way her hands looked…

She recently shelled out more than $3,000 for hand rejuvenation at her dermatologic surgeon Dr. Ariel Ostad’s office in New York.

Christa told Ostad she was unhappy with her hands because she thought they were veiny and her knuckles were “very red.”

I’m not a genius problem-solver or anything, but if she was really so disgusted by her discolored knuckles,  it seems to me it would have been a tiny bit easier to turn to photoshop instead of a plastic surgeon.

What’s happening to us? Is it the selfie’s fault? Are we more paranoid about looking perfect because we’ve started documenting everything on social media, or are we documenting everything on social media to show off our relentless pursuit of perfection? What came first, the selfie or the belief that there is actually a standard of “perfection” that we all can attain? Help.

Within minutes of the procedure, Christa was happier about the appearance of her hands. “The veins are not as blue,” she said.

Ostad said he has had several patients show him photos they had taken of themselves and point out their flaws.

“I’ve noticed over the last six months [that] patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room,” he said.  “They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix.”

If this is where we are I think we should all take a massive, unanimous vow to throw our phones in the toilet and break every mirror in the world. Are you ready? I’m sort of serious. Being a little less aware of how we look would do a lot of us a world of good. I seriously doubt anyone who looked at her engagement photo would have thought to themselves, “I think it’s a nice ring, but I would be happier for the couple if I wasn’t so distracted by her veiny hands and slightly pink knuckles.”

People should do whatever it is they need to do to feel best about themselves I guess, but equating physical perfection to mean “without flaws” isn’t doing any of us any good. We’re not supposed to be perfect. We’re human beings, not mannequins.

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