10 Ways I’ve Tried — And Failed — To Induce My Labor

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spicy food catEventually, I will stop writing about this impending labor. If this baby ever decides to leave my womb.

Initially, I wasn’t game to try any of the “natural” methods for inducing labor. I wanted to believe the old mantra that reminds us all that babies come when they are ready. Until I got to my due date and then went beyond it. Now I am almost to 41 weeks, and desperate to get this labor going.

So if you happen to be pregnant, nearing the end of your pregnancy, or in the same uncomfortable boat that I am in – here are some things I’ve done to try to jump start the process – as illustrated by amazing pictures of cats. Why cats? Because if I look at another stock photo of a pregnant woman, I’m going to lose my mind.

Maybe some of you have had amazing results with these wives’ tales. I’m sure results vary for everyone – but I’m still pregnant.