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8 Ways To Tell If Your Newborn Is Mad At You

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It’s the great mystery of new parenthood: what is that tiny newborn thinking? Sure, there are books and blogs that claim they can help you decode your baby’s cries, but they can’t let you in on the really important stuff, like what your infant thinks about time and the nature of the universe and whether or not they unflinchingly loathe that onesie you put them in this morning. Luckily, we here at Mommyish have it all figured out for you and we know exactly how to tell when your baby has had about enough. Here are eight simple ways you can tell if your newborn is totally pissed off at you:

1. They’re crying.



Crying is not at all normal, so if they’ve turned on the water works you know you’ve got some explaining to do. They really can’t even believe you right now, and honestly? Neither can we.

2. They just threw up on you.


This happens a lot. Or they want new parents. Could be either one. It’s hard to tell.

3. They won’t look you in the eye.


They are seriously offended. It might be time to seek counseling. You could benefit from a third party helping you work through your differences.

4. They won’t smile.


Oh, your two-day-old isn’t smiling yet? It was probably something you said.

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