Mother-In-Law From Hell: The 10 Best Stories From Mommyish Readers

You made it through the holidays! Okay, technically there is still New Year’s Eve, but most of us don’t spend that with our in-laws.

We had a group bitching session a.k.a Open Thread on Christmas day to vent about our relatives – specifically our mothers and mother-in-laws. Sorry mom, you can be wonderful, but you can also be a giant pain in the ass. Some of the stories that surfaced were so epic, we thought a round-up was in order. It will also give those of you who didn’t get a chance to bitch last week a chance to vent a little now that the holidays are over.

Here are some of the most epic mother-in-law stories we’ve ever heard:

1. Mom gifts a bible to her atheist daughter-in-law.




“My MIL was furious when she found out that her son and I were living together in sin (she is very religious) and that I was Atheist. She then writes him a letter that this is a message from God to save me before it’s too late. DH called his mother and told her that if he was going to make her pick between his mother and his future wife, he was going to pick his wife. At Christmas she sent me a Bible with my name on the cover.”

2. Mom intentionally leaves daughter-in-law out of family photo.




“My MIL has a picture from my SIL’s wedding beautifully framed and prominently displayed in her living room that is, in her words, “her favorite picture of her family”, it includes my FIL, MIL, my husband, his sister, her new husband, and our kids. Specifically asked the photographer to take one without me in it. She’s awesome.”

3. Mom tries to convince daughter-in-law she shouldn’t hold her own baby.




“My mil tried to keep me away from my newborn daughter (7 years ago) because my arms (in opposite to her arms) were ‘too hard’ and ‘you hurt the baby holding her in your bony arms..I’ll take care of her.'”

4. Mom totally screws daughter-in-law on gift. 



“After dinner, we exchanged gifts. She told us she got BIL’s new girlfriend a Coach purse- so I was excited to receive a box from Coach too! But mine was not a purse- it was dish towels and a garlic press. Thanks. Still nice, but not quite the same.”

5. Mom sends passive-aggressive beauty tips.




“Mine isn’t too bad- but I receive anti-aging type creams every year…. I’m only 26.”

6. A cornucopia of issues.



“She told him I was too old for him (I’m 6 weeks older than he is), I’m too fat, too short, (same height as her) too white and not even american. She also tried to set him up with the neighbours [sic] niece, 3 months before we got married, which was 6 months after she’d been told we were engaged.”

7. Bat-shit crazy mom.



“My former MIL tended to complain that I was “tearing the family apart,” meaning that her precious darling no longer catered to her every whim. She even called my parents to tattle on me. The final straw came one day when we told her we could not come over to solve whatever crisis she was having. After several tearful voicemails, she came to our house and prowled around, looking in all the windows, to see if we were there. When I found myself in the dark, hiding in my own house, I decided to let her have her precious darling back. Best decision I ever made.”

8. No-boundaries mom.



“My MIL is great. My own mom is the crazy MIL in our relationship.

When my husband and I were still dating, we visited my parents for Christmas. The two of us stayed in my childhood bedroom. Mom woke us up the first morning of the visit by jumping into bed with us. Yep.

That’s kind of the tone of my whole relationship with her.”

9. No words.



“Where to begin?! My MIL is wonderful to my children, but the guilt! I have never known such a person! My favorite is when she told me that I could call her mom since I don’t have one anymore. This was the first mother’s day after I lost my mom.”

10. Sneaky baptism – for the win!




“I’m Buddhist, when my son was little my in-laws stealth baptized him without my knowledge. Fast forward 10 years. My son asks if he’s been baptized, I said no, his dad says yes. I would’ve have been fine with it, but I think I should’ve been asked and given the option to be there. It feels like they’re saying I can’t be trusted to make good decisions for my son. My husband didn’t know until afterwards and chose not to tell me, grrr.”



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