Hot Cheetos and Takis: Kid Rappers Spittin’ About Snack Food Is The Jam Of The Summer

From the ”Zomg These Kids Are Freakin’ Adorable Department” at Mommyish comes the video for pintsize rappers in Minneapolis, Minnesota singing about their favorite junk foods, Hot Cheetos and Takis.

[youtube_iframe id=”7YLy4j8EZIk”]


Part of the North Community YMCA’s  Beats and Rhymes After School Program,  the kids were allowed to take part in the project after demonstrating they were keeping their school work up.

From the City Pages: 

Each student has to complete their homework in order to participate in the after-school rap session, which encourages self-expression, hard work and dedication, all while fostering talent in these young kids, qualities which will clearly be beneficial to them as they make their way through life.

The Y.N. RichKids are a product of the North Community YMCA’s Beats & Rhymes Program. The program was started in 2006 and has produced eight albums, but never anything as popular as this, with the video receiving over 550,000 hits on YouTube and celebrities like DJ Dipolo and comedian Aziz Ansari raving about the kids.

From Aziz Ansari’s tumblr:

I’ve been yelling ”SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! CRUNCH!” all over the Parks and Rec to many confused looks.

Rolling Stone gave it four out of five stars and says may be the summer’s final truly great jam.

Created with help from  production at 13twentythreephotography  most of the kids involved in the after school program Beats and Rhymes are under 12 years old. It’s terribly refreshing to see a song going viral that doesn’t feature prepackaged popstars with carefully cultivated media personas with a built in fan base and publicists to insure the press is following their every move. These are just little kids! Rapping about snack foods! And they get to do this because they finished their homework! How dope is that?  My kids have produced nothing that even comes close to this cool over the summer, not counting my daughter who created some really lovely bridal dresses for her stuffed animals with paper towels and stick-on nail gems. The only aspect of the video that confuses me are ”Takis” because I have never eaten, or seen this food, so I have no idea what it actually is. Red Hot Cheetos I’m familiar with because they are banned from my house. Not because I never allow my kids to enjoy trashy snack food, but because those babies tend to leave their radioactive looking red dust all over my furniture. As they say in the jam :

” Hands red like Elmo!”

(Photo: Billboard Magazine)

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