Jessica Simpson Confirms Baby Growing Inside Her Belly

Jessica Simpson confirmed what anyone paying attention already knew: She’s pregnant! On her web site she posted this picture of her in full Halloween Mummy regalia with the note:

“It’s True! I am going to be a mummy!”

Get it? Oh Jessica, you are so funny. You’re going to be the punniest mama ever.

Jessica is engaged to a former pro football player named Eric Johnson. Since I had never heard of him, and I’m something of a sports fan, I went ahead and looked him up. It’s true, he was a real football player. Was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2001 and played with them until 2006. He played the next year for the New Orleans Saints and has been unemployed since then.

But what’s most surprising about Eric Johnson? He went to Yale. I watched a few episodes of that Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey show and I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I say I find this news a tad surprising. On the other hand, maybe Simpson was just playing the fool.

Anyway, Simpson and Johnson began dating a year and a half ago and I guess they’ll get married when they feel like it.

Last year she told People magazine that she wanted to have Johnson’s babies. In fact, check out how prescient this Nov. 2010 blurb was:

Jessica Simpson is in planning mode for a wedding, not a baby.

“There are no babies yet,” the star, who recently got engaged to Eric Johnson, told Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday. “But I definitely see myself having a family with him, so that’s exciting to think about.”

Uncanny, eh?

By the way, word on the street was that Simpson was trying to sell her pregnancy confirmation. But instead she just announced a new skin care line today. Check it out. The Johnson-Simpsons have a baby to feed here. Help them out. It’s called Beautymint.

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