High School Cheerleading Competition Results In Massive Puking Epidemic

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cheerleadingAs many as 200 people are ill after attending a cheerleading competition in Washington– and it doesn’t have anything to do with the nauseating pop music, pre-performance jitters, or sore losing.

A spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Health said that as many as 19 cheerleading squads are suffering from vomiting and diarrhea following the Salute to Spirit and State Cheerleading Championships in Everett, Washington. More than 3,000 people reportedly attended the competition, almost half of which were cheerlreaders from 45 high schools.

One cheerleader told King 5 News that she is throwing up “every hour on the hour” while her sister has exhibited no signs of the suspected food-borne illness. Michelle Whelan, an assistant cheerleading coach, is busting out the disinfectant wipes following the event, telling the news outlet:

“I’m not letting the girls use pom-poms, signs, flags or anything else that was at the competition until we can disinfect them.”

Considering that half of Ballard High School’s squad has fallen ill, along with many others, this competition doesn’t seem to have yielded much in the way of giddy winners. There may be trophies following this puking epidemic, but these teens will understandably not be cheering for much of anything for a bit.

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