Kate Middleton Wasted $450 On A Moses Basket For The Heir, Or Else Her Dirty Socks

Kate Middleton Moses BasketWe are officially on Royal Birth Watch due to the fact that Kate Middleton only has about three months to go before the little princeling (or princess, but I am thinking this heir shall be a boy-child, and I think we need a Mommyish betting pool on this)  is set to arrive and Kate has started nesting! I love the term nesting! I am not pregnant but I am also nesting, and by nesting I mean I keep buying really pretty tea towels and reading mashed potato recipes! Kate is nesting my going with her mum (Yes, I said “mum” because if I cannot afford affectations whilst writing about royalty, when can I?) baby shopping and she stopped by a chichi baby store in South Kensington called Blue Almonds where she purchased a moses basket for £295, which is approximately $450 in real money. I say “real” money because when I’m across the pond I can never calculate exchange rates in my brain and I am always asking my beloved “How much is this in REAL money?”

Awww, a moses basket, I also had a moses basket for my first born and I think it cost me around $59 real money because I used a Babies-R-‘Us coupon! The Daily Mail gets a little bit commoner-shamey with Kate about this:

Priced up to £295 for an off the shelf model, they are certainly out of reach price-wise for many new mothers-to-be.Some bespoke versions at the store can cost up to £1,000 and be customised with frilled fitted sheets and sun shades.

Mayhaps Kate did not want a bespoke model because the royal Etsy crafter is planning on taking material and glue gun to said basket and customizing it themselves for the little princeling. Maybe it won’t even be for the new baby and Kate plans on using it to put dirty socks in or for her discarded back issues of Vogue. All I know is that my princeling never slept in his moses basket and I used it to store diapers and wipes in. And then I think my cat adopted it as his napping spot. I think moses baskets are one of those first time mommy purchases that look super cute and charming in theory, when in reality you could just shove the baby in a five dollar laundry hamper and call it a day. Babies don’t like sleeping in places, they like sleeping on people.  I hope Kate buys a boppy pillow next!

(Photo: blessings/shutterstock)

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