Jessica Simpson Reveals Baby Name  And It’s A Good One!

baby nameIn the past nine months, we’ve learned that a pregnant Jessica Simpson weighs 170 lbs, farts like nobody’s business, craves “slutty brownies,” and is hornier than ever. Oh, and she’s holding off on marrying baby daddy/fiance Eric Johnson ’til she loses her baby weight (she also wants her daughter at the wedding, which is pretty damn cute). Now a “family friend” (clearly a crappy one) has revealed the baby’s name to In Touch magazine. It’s unusual (for a girl), but I’m loving it. [tagbox tag=”Jessica Simpson”]


Maxi for short.

Cute, no? I’ve always been a fan of traditional boys names for girls (remember when Jordan and Jamie were all the rage?). I feel like this is a modern twist on that ongoing trend. The best is that it has actual meaning to the couple. According to In Touch, Maxwell is Eric’s middle name, and it’s also his grandmother’s maiden name.

I’m a fan. How about you?


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