Mom Stays Up Too Late Watching American Horror Story  And Sleeps With Hall Light On

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american_horror_story_coven_a_lAnd that mom was meeeeeeeee. Did any of you watch? Or did you watch something else scary and is your husband also out of town and did you sleep with the light on? I was SO SCARED and I almost considered waking my daughter up and asking her if she, you know, wanted to sleep in my bed with me, but because I’m a big girl and brave I slept all alone, but with my hall light on!

Semi-Spoilers But Not Really For All You People Who Have Yet To Watch

How AMAZING is this cast? I don’t know if it is the Orange Is The New Black effect but seeing all these women on my television at once warmed my black little heart like nothing else. Kathy Bates is amazing and so so so incredibly evil and awful. I know the character she plays is based on a real person but I need to research and see what books are written so I can learn more. That one man she had upstairs with the face and the not face and the UGH SO SCARY. Plus, her beauty ritual. Gah. Plus, her three evil daughters.

Jessica Lange is BEYOND. I loved all of it, she was all lanky black and smoking hot with her cocaine and her Iron Butterfly and her face sucking and the whole commentary on women and aging and beauty. And could Angela Basset be any more gorgeous?

I am totally fascinated by Gabby Sidibe‘s character and her “talent” – how bizarre and awful was that? And – SPOILERTaissa Farmiga’s charachter and her killer teeth vagina! And I LOVED the nod to the awful Steubenville rape case. I loved the whole raping the rapist to death thing. Plus, how amazing is the Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, what a gorgeous house. It’s like a super elegant version of a Nancy Meyer‘s movie house. It’s all fancy spooky way expensive Restoration Hardware or something.

I’m just so excited about this entire season. I love all the themes of feminism and revenge thus far and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, if I am brave enough to watch it when I’m alone. Even the opening credits were so scary.

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I love scary movies and scary TV shows but I was so cared going to bed last night. I’m a grownass woman and I covered my eyes so much. And yeah, I would never let my kids watch this but I know some parents do and this is not one I would even want them to see the credits for.  If enough of you watch it maybe we can do next day recaps and all gnash our teeth about this chewy, chewy show, but if ya’ll are bored we don’t have to. Either way, let me know because I am still sort of freaked out this morning!

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