10 Reasons Why Your Dude Doesn’t Want To Bone You

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S-E-X is a given for all adult couples, but it’s not a subject most of us are likely to talk about. Sure, you may have a few good girlfriends who you can dish with all Sex and the City style about sex toys, disappointments, and frequency—but in polite conversation, sex probably won’t come up.

If you’re having problems in the bedroom, you’re even less likely to talk about it. Yet this topic keeps popping up again and again as I see more research about sexless marriages, couples that aren’t having sex after a baby, and the average number of times married couples are supposed to have sex. (Survey says—58 times a year!)

I am a far cry from a sexpert, but I have watched Sex and the City for years. I’m sure that qualifies me to give great bedroom advice, along with the rest of the clueless population. While it’s perfectly normal for sex frequency in a relationship to ebb and flow, you may be wondering what’s up if nothing’s “up” in the bedroom. All jokes aside, reading these real accounts of women in sexless relationships is heartbreaking. If any of these experiences are familiar to you, my heart goes out to you.

My first word of advice as an innocent observer would be to talk with your significant other about any issues in the bedroom. You can also weed through these no-sex stories to find out why your dude is no longer in the mood:

1. DANGER: You Are Entering The Friend Zone.

sex12. More Like Brother And Sister.


3. There Is Another Woman.

sex24. Possible Weight Gain As A Lame Excuse.

sex35. Familiarity Breeds Contempt.

sex56. He Prefers His Alone Time.

sex67. Porn Does The Trick.

sex78. The Wedding Night Was A Major Letdown.

sex89. Blame His Low Sex Drive.

sex910. Sex Is For Procreation Only.


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