The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Is Trying To Queer Sex Shame Kate Hunt

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kate huntKate Hunt, an 18-year-old who allegedly began a romantic relationship with a younger female student when she was still a minor herself, is facing some seriously BS charges. While there is some notably homophobic intentions behind the younger student’s parents, who according to Kate’s father waited until Kate was 18 to slap her with charges, someone else is apparently trying to shame Kate’s orientation. Why else would the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office release a graphic affidavit to the press that explicitly details the sexual acts of underage girls? Look at all the scary non-hetero sex these girls were having!

The affidavit (which I am intentionally not linking out to) summarizes Kate’s interview with police as she recounted her consensual sexual encounters with the minor in question, including penetrative sex, oral sex, and use of a sex toy. Indian River County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t commented on why they decided to hand the media a big old underage porn script, complete with who did what to whom and what digits were being used. But even with the minor’s name redacted, I deeply question the intentions behind the affidavit release.

Vilifying Kate Hunt by graphically sharing what kind of sex she has — that being queer sex — is wicked low. Not to mention homophobia at it’s absolute lowest by stoking the public’s anxiety about what exactly goes on in a same-sex partnered bedroom.