You May Never Feel Comfortable With Pregnant Sex

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Pregnant sex is kind of like a four-letter-word, because who’s really talking about it? Obviously, if you are pregnant, you have had sex. But what about after the mission is accomplished, after the bun has entered the oven?

Early pregnant sex before you are showing is all fine and good. You may forget you are pregnant. You may have the added bonus of crazy, raging, sexy hormones that make you want to do naughty, kinky things four to five times a day. That’s the good side of pregnant sex.

But once I started showing and feeling the baby move in the second and third trimester, I felt kind of weird. Add to that ridiculous, exhausting pregnancy fatigue, and I felt like a beached whale without much of a sex drive. Just stick it in my blowhole and call it a day.

I didn’t nix sex completely toward the end of my pregnancies, but I always felt slightly uncomfortable with it. Sure, I enjoyed pregnant sex, as many people do. But it got harder and harder to ignore the fact that there was a third person in the mix—a baby that was prone to moving in the middle of foreplay. For some people, a moving baby during sex may not be that big of a deal, but for me, it was a real buzzkill.

I have heard mixed things about pregnant sex. Some women continue to benefit from the crazy, sexy pregnancy hormones and want it all the time. Some women fall into the typical beached whale category and are so-so about the idea of sex. Some women are banned from sex altogether for medical reasons, like pelvic rest.

Pregnant sex was not my favorite thing, but it happened more than once. My husband didn’t have any feelings about it, good or bad. We talked about the fact that there was a giant elephant (baby) in the room, and he was fine with it. He didn’t get freaked out by the urban legend of poking the baby in the eye, so he wasn’t averse to sex with a pregnant lady.

Thankfully, pregnancy is only nine months. By the time you get used to pregnant sex, it’s already over and done with. I have to be honest in saying that I felt uncomfortable sexing it up with a giant baby inside of me, but I still gave it the old college try. And let’s not forget—the greatest benefit to pregnant sex is that you can’t get pregnant.

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