Health Expert: Teachers Should Encourage Boys To Tell Girls They’re Sexy To Build Their Self Esteems

180107378If you’re wondering how to fix self-esteem and body image issues in girls, it’s not being supportive of various body shapes, encouraging the representation of a wide array of body types in the media, or fixating on inward qualities that make a person beautiful. Instead, teachers should encourage boys to tell girls their idea of a perfect woman, says health expert Aric Sigman. Henceforth in this article, I’ll just refer to him as Mr. Idiot to make things easier.

Sigman thinks it’s important that teachers tell older boys to bestow these compliments on younger women, because “girls look up to them and they are not direct peers.”

From The Telegraph:

”Boys don’t have in any way near as rigid a view on what an attractive figure should be and they value many other physical qualities, including eyes, hair, and body language.”

More importantly, Dr Sigman said, boys should tell girls ”that there are women who appear model-perfect visually but are just not sexy and there are girls who do not seem model material but are very attractive”.

Let me get this straight: the way to help young women with their body image issues is to put the focus directly on what teenage boys think of their appearance? Sure! What could go wrong there? It’s totally healthy to teach young girls that when boys validate their existence by complimenting their looks — everybody wins! We teach girls that their body acceptance hinges on what boys think of their appearance, while at the same time teaching boys that it’s their right to judge girls and harass them about the qualities they find “sexy.”

Ahead of the HMC Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference on the pressures of modern life, Dr Sigman will also present empirical evidence that contrary to popular belief, most men find the ”hated female pear-shaped body” attractive.

”An increase in fat on hips, thighs and bottoms is not only natural but good for girls because it is appealing to males,” said Dr Sigman. ”It’s protects girls from heart disease and diabetes and the great news is that men like that body fat on women.”

Sigman manages to make a discussion about how young females view themselves all about males. How refreshing. That never happens.

Sigman’s “expert” advice will do nothing but breed entitled cat-callers and teach girls to look outward for validation. You don’t fix self esteem issues by putting the focus square on a young woman’s looks, Mr. Idiot. Also, 14-year-old boys aren’t exactly kind. Teenage girls need to like themselves, not get a seal of approval that they are sexy enough from their male peers.

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