Missing Autistic teen Found In Ohio, Raises More Questions Than Answers

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missing autistic teen found


Michael Karwan, the missing teenager with autism from Marlboro, NJ, was found safe in Cleveland, Ohio, almost 500 miles away. According to CBS2 in New York, Karwan was discovered in Cleveland after attempting to check into a hotel using just his ID card, which I found heartbreaking for some reason.

According to new reports before he was found, 19-year-old Michael has high functioning type of autism, but his doctors said he on the same level as a 7-year-old mentally. US Rep. Michael Grimm, who had been assisting the family in their search had this to say:

“This is truly a Thanksgiving blessing,” Grimm said in a statement. “Thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens, countless volunteers, media coverage and prayers from the community, Michael Karwan has been located and will be reunited with his family just in time for the holidays. I am very proud of Michael’s father, Walter Karwan, for his strength, faith, and perseverance throughout this trying time.”

No one is sure why Michael chose Cleveland and just how he ended up there with no money, tickets, or even a coat and hat. He was missing since November 19, when he disappeared after getting into an argument with his parents over homework.

What I get after reading these various reports is that Michel somehow made it on to a Greyhound or Greyhound-like bus and took it to Cleveland. If this is the case (and who know, he might have gotten a ride there, been kidnapped, etc) then how is this possible? I’ve taken a Greyhound on the same route he would have been on numerous times, and the drivers are careful about getting tickets.

Regardless, I am glad he’s safe and sound. I have my fingers crossed that authorities find Avonte Oquendo, another boy with autism who went missing weeks ago. I can’t imagine what these kids parents went/are going through.