Halle Berry’s Child Support Ruling Is Absolutely Ridiculous

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68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsI am raging out a little right now at the recent news of Halle Berry’s child support ruling for her ex-partner, model Gabriel Aubry. The actress was ordered by a Los Angeles court to pay Aubry the wild sum of $16,000 per month until the ex-couple’s daughter Nahla, born in 2008, turns 19 or graduates from high school. This agreement was reached after a contentious custody battle that has spanned the last two years.

I’m sure there is a lot of technical legal speak (where are you, Megan Zander??) to support this shocking amount of money being paid by Berry but from the practical standpoint of a mother who spends $225 per week on groceries for a family of four, THIS IS LUDICROUS. I am sorry, but what in hell’s name could possibly be so expensive in raising a child that $16,000 per month would be justified? That is $192,000 a year. There are many families far larger than a father and his daughter that could make a very comfortable life on that amount of money.

Now you can say it is all done on scale and of course Halle can afford it, but why should a court be concerned with a child being “accustomed to a certain lifestyle” when both lifestyles in question are likely very good? I’m sure Nahla is in her mom’s palatial pad one week and daddy’s luxury condo the next. She’s not starving or neglected and I have no doubt all her needs will be met. Not to mention, since they are sharing custody equally, all of this money is being given to Aubry to only have Nahla half the time? I just can’t understand the logic behind this decision. Basically, I see Gabriel Aubry pocketing quite a lot of these monthly payments for the padding of his own lifestyle. Whatever housing arrangement this money provides will obviously be for him too since he won’t be living in a shack down the road while Nahla is living it up.

From what I understand, the $16,000 doesn’t even count Nahla’s $30,000 per year private school tuition (that Halle is also paying, naturally) so this is $16,000 per month for housing, food, clothing and a nanny? I can’t even. I find it very sad that just because someone is wealthy their ex-partner can take complete advantage of that wealth for their own gain. Let’s face it- this has little to do with wanting Nahla to have a certain lifestyle and everything to do with Aubry’s lawyers making sure he is set up for the next 13 years or so. Show me a 6-year old who has $16,000 worth of needs in a month- of course a lot of this money will solely benefit Aubry.

I know Aubry was a successful model before meeting Berry so clearly, he has the potential to generate income. I cannot understand him taking his ex to court when he is more than capable of making money on his own. Halle and Gabriel were never married and although they share a child together I do not think that should mean Gabriel is set for the next several years just because the mother of his child happens to be insanely wealthy.