Mom Accidentally Sends Kid to School in a Very NSFS Shirt

Well, this is amazing. If you’re lucky, you have a gaggle of friends with kids older than yours, who are kind enough to hand-down their clothes. It’s a money-saver! My own kids wear a ton of hand-me-downs, and I always send our gently-used and very-loved clothes onto new homes when we’re done with them. But, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished! A mom in Texas learned that the hard way, when her boy wore an obscene shirt to school. The shirt was given to her by a friend, in a bunch of hand-me-downs. And the kid just grabbed it one day and put it on. It’s … well, you have to see it to believe it.

This boy wore an obscene shirt to school, and holy hell, is it ever NSFS.

I am laughing to goddamn hard. Can you even IMAGINE that phone call home? “Hi, Ms. McCullar? So, uh, the shirt your son wore to school today is … oh my, how do I put this … listen can you just come pick him up?” Shelly McCullar says in the post that the shirt was included in some hand-me-downs they got from a friend. She hadn’t had a chance to look through them all, and her son just grabbed a shirt one morning.

Shelly says she had no idea THIS was the shirt her son grabbed. And I can totally see that!

Maybe she leaves for work before he goes to school. Or maybe he had it on under a sweater. Also, maybe she just didn’t notice because school mornings are the worst and in the hustle and bustle, shit gets overlooked. Lesson learned, LOL.

boy wore an obscene shirt
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The shirt, in case you can’t tell, LOOKS like the McDonald’s Golden Arches. It even says, “I’m lovin’ it”, which we all know is the McD’s slogan. But upon closer examination … those are a very different set of, um, arches. Believe it or not, you can actually buy this ugly-ass shirt on Amazon. Which I’m sure plenty of people will do after seeing this.

So the lesson here is, if you get hand-me-downs from your friends or family, always check them before giving your kids access. For the love of god, check them. After this boy wore an obscene shirt to school, we have to be more careful, LOL.

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(Image: Amazon)

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