Returning To Family Is Amanda Knox’s Number One Priority, Says Dad

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Curt Knox, Amanda Knox’s father who called his daughter a “strong girl” upon her return to the states, was interviewed about Amanda’s whereabouts and what’s next for the 24-year-old.

Daddy Knox would not reveal where Amanda is hiding out these days, but he confirmed that she is getting back to “normal” and that spending time with family and friends is the top priority for the young woman. When asked about the awful debt that the Knox family has accrued in paying Amanda’s legal fees, Knox refused to speak on the many financial opportunities that the family has probably received.

He did however suggest that his daughter may eventually seek out a career helping people who have been wrongfully imprisoned which isn’t a stretch considering the kid’s experience. In other reports, he has also said that Amanda intends to finish her degree at University of Washington.

Still, alongside this window into how the Knox family is coping, I wonder how the much less fortunate family of Meredith Kercher is faring in all of this. Not only is their daughter never coming back to her homeland, but the media obsession with Knox just confirms the glaring truth that Meredith’s killer is still free.

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