Halle Berry’s Holiday Involved Her Ex And Her Fiance Brawling, Ended With Gabriel Aubry’s Arrest

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halle berryWell, I don’t know how hectic your Thanksgiving got, but I bet it didn’t beat Halle Berry‘s. I mean, unless the police had to get involved in your family gathering as well.

Reports say that yesterday, Gabriel Aubry dropped off the former-couple’s daughter Nahla at Berry’s home. Allegedly, the male model instigated a fight with Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez. In the course of the fight, Aubry was knocked unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital. After being treated, he was arrested for battery. So far, information says that Martinez sustained his own injuries but was not arrested.

Let’s just all admit that this sounds a little crazy, a little like a movie plot that one of these actors might be involved in. More than that, it sounds like a pretty horrible Thanksgiving for the little girl in the middle of this nonsense.

We all know that Berry and Aubry were involved in an ugly custody battle. California courts recently refused to let the actress move to France with her daughter after a long legal fight. It’s obvious that this couple has a hard time putting aside their differences to create a stable, secure environment for their little girl.

Now, this young child has had her holiday punctuated by physical violence and police presence. That’s not just dramatic. It’s downright sad.

We have no idea what caused these two men to start taking swings at each other. We have no clue what was said or done. But we do know that there’s a little girl caught in the middle of it. There’s a child who was expecting turkey and maybe to watch the parade cuddled up on her couch. Instead, she got police officers and a bad soap opera.

As it normally happens with a divorce where the two parents are too focused on their own feelings and issues, it looks like the child was the one who ultimately lost.

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