Goth Crocs Are Sensible Footwear For Your Inner Punk Needs

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Image: Instagram / @garbage_b0y

Listen, we’re not judging anyone for wearing Crocs. 15 years ago? We might have judged you. But we’re getting older. Our bodies aren’t what they used to be. We’ve long since traded in our sky-high heels for sensible and comfortable shoes! Our arches and knees and backs are incredibly grateful, that’s for sure. And while Crocs were, at one time, strictly kids shoes in our eyes, we totally get the appeal now. They’re easy and comfy and don’t make our feet hurt! As far as we’re concerned, everybody over the age of 35 should own a pair. But just because we need sensible shoes, doesn’t mean we want them to be boring. If you’re looking for function with a splash of fashion and want to satisfy your inner Goth kid, then these Goth Crocs are right up your alley.

If your inner emo kid needs to come out but you need comfy shoes, Goth Crocs have you covered.

Just … look at them. If you were at all skeptical that Goth Crocs were exactly what they promised to be, then that picture should satisfy any and all doubts you might have had. Those are Crocs covered in spikes and chains. ACTUAL spikes and chains. These are not your school drop-off Crocs. These Crocs mean business. They’re like the functional shoe equivalent of the spiked collars you used to wear to the club (just us?). These Crocs belong in a mosh pit. But like, a gentle mosh pit. A Maroon 5 mosh pit or something.

The creator behind Goth Crocs hand-details every single pair.

They’re made by Garbage Boy, and he sells them via his Etsy store, HeavyCreamStore. In an interview with Insider Garbage Boy said, “Goth Crocs is like ‘what are two things that really don’t feel like they should go together? I was pushing just how far you can take goth and the new emo trend.” Well, we certainly agree that Crocs and spikes are two things that don’t necessarily go together. But he makes them work! He buys every pair of Crocs at retail, and add the embellishments. Nickle-plated spikes are added to the band in the back, and one large spike is popped into the holes on the side of the shoe. He also adds studs and a steel chain to finish the look.

You can purchase your very own pair of Goth Crocs directly from Garbage Boy’s Etsy store. The originals sell for $150, and he also makes a trainer version that sells for $200.

We don’t know what is says about us, but we are kind of digging these Goth Crocs. One thing’s for sure: no one would dare mess with you at the PTA meeting if you show up in these bad boys.