Does Your Bestie Live Too Far Away? Then You Need This Long-Distance Friendship Lamp!

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Image: Uncommon Goods

We have friends, and then we have FRIENDS. The ones who are your ride-or-dies. The friend you call when you need to laugh or cry or vent. That friend who knows all your enemies, and makes them their enemies too, just by default. The friend who knows all the secrets, and the one you’d call to help you bury a body (not really, but you get what we mean). Your BEST friend. But, as we get older and settle into life, we often take different paths which can lead us to different parts of the state or country or world. Having a best friend as an adult isn’t like when we were kids. Oftentimes, we can’t just walk next door to get some bestie time in. If your best friend lives far away, it can suck. Which is why you need this long-distance friendship lamp.

Even when you can’t pick up the phone, the long-distance friendship lamp lets your bestie know you need them, or they’re on your mind.

Long-distance relationships call for some unconventional methods to stay connected. And this long-distance friendship lamp from Uncommon Goods is about as unconventional (but adorable!) as it gets. The LED-light lamps are connected to Wi-Fi, and when you reach out and touch your lamp, the paired lamp will emit a soft glow, wherever it is! How freaking sweet is that?! Maybe you don’t have anything to say, but you just want to let your loved one know they’re on your mind. Or maybe you need to talk, and want to give your friend a heads up that you’re about to call to shoot a text message their way. Just lightly tap your lamp, and your bestie will see their lamp light up, no matter how far away they are.

The long-distance friendship lamp can even be programmed for specific people.

Image: Uncommon Goods

Every time you touch the lamp, it will cycle through a rainbow of soft colors, one at a time. But, you can assign colors to different people. So you can assign colors to members of your family or other friends across a network of lamps. A single lamp sells for $85, and a set of two lamps is $170. The design is really pretty and versatile too, so it’ll go with most home decors.

A long-distance friendship lamp won’t take the place of a visit or phone call. But sometimes, all you need to know is that your person is out there, and they know you’re missing them. Just tap the lamp, and let your loved one know they’re loved and missed.