Jezebel Shames Generous Woman For Being A Free Surrogate

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A 37-year-old woman who in the past three years has carried and delivered three children for two couples was shamed as some sort of pregnancy-addicted-freakshow on Jezebel today, with the headline Woman Addicted To Pregnancy Won’t Stop Till Her Pussy Falls Out. I thought I was going to be met with some Michelle-Duggar-esque story about someone who was overpopulating the world with her own genes. Instead, I was met with a story about a woman who loves being pregnant so much she is a free surrogate for couples who can’t conceive on their own. So basically – she’s an angel.

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Here’s a little background; the woman, Tara Sawyer, gave birth to her own twins at 29 weeks via c-section because of some medical issues the twins were having. She says it made her feel “deprived” of her pregnancy, and she began “craving” pregnancy soon after: ‘Surrogacy seemed like the perfect solution,’ said Tara. ‘I would get my pregnancy and a couple would get their baby.’ Within a few weeks she met a gay couple who desperately wanted a child. She donated her own egg, was inseminated, and carried and birthed a baby for them. Sawyer says she feels healthiest when she’s pregnant.

I get not understanding how a woman could be that into pregnancy. But she’s doing something really wonderful for couples who can’t have children. She joked that she’d do it till her womb falls out. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I’m pretty certain a womb and a pussy aren’t synonymous, Jezebel.

I can’t imagine loving pregnancy that much – I just can’t. But I’m glad there’s women like Sawyer around who do. Pregnancy isn’t gross. Handing a child over to couples who can’t have children isn’t either. Jezebel‘s lede was, “Tara Sawyer is a 37-year-old British woman who says she’s so addicted to the ‘buzz of pregnancy’ that she will keep giving birth until her ‘womb falls out.’ Ew.”

The only thing “Ew” about this story is the way it was covered.

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