I Embraced Light Drinking While Pregnant And I Have Zero Regrets

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pregnancy and alcoholPounding a glass of cab with a beach ball under my shirt has become my idea of a fun Friday night. I also have to admit that I roll my eyes big time when I see the dreaded Facebook post from a new mommy-to-be that goes a little something like this:

Out with the hubs at Rockbottom Brewery. Don’t worry – nothing to drink for me! Sparkling water, a pepperoni pizza, and my baby bump. Does it get any better than this? #love #baby #fridaynight

I would have to argue that it does. If you were writing that “sanctimommious” Facebook post with a brewski in hand, then maybe, just maybe, I would believe that you were deliriously happy watching your “hubs” down a few beers as you were bestowed the glorious honor of being his designated driver for 10 months in a row.

I have always been a rule follower, which may make it hard to believe that I set a few controversial rules for myself during both of my pregnancies. I have always felt turned off by total mommy martyrdom during pregnancy – where you can’t have a single taboo food or drink for 10 long months.

I did a little bit of research and decided to set my own rules for pregnancy:

  1. Two glasses of wine every week.
  2. Two cups of coffee a day.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

I personally feel that pregnancy is hard and long enough without total, desert-island style deprivation. I’ve also read enough mommy forums and boards to know that this is hardly a popular opinion.

Consider this interesting perspective from a recent BabyCenter article highlighting a new study that says one drink a day may be perfectly okay for your little bundle of joy. (You read that right – one drink a day. Yippee!)

One commenter said:

Sorry, but someone that drinks alcohol every single day of their lives and can not go without, is an alcoholic.

To which another commenter replied:

A person that has a glass of wine everyday is an alcoholic?!!! I grew up in Italy and most adults have a glass of wine with their lunch and dinner. According to you, half of the country has a serious alcohol problem… How ignorant of you!

I happen to agree wholeheartedly with commenter #2. (I also added in my two cents in the next comment.) Even though this topic sparked a full-blown to-drink-or-not-to-drink debate, I was glad to see even more research coming out about how pregnancy and drinking can mix.

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