School Board Wants Parents To Stop Dressing Like Slobs To Set An Example For Students

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Florida School Dress Code For Parents Good luck to the school board of Boyd Anderson High in Lauderdale Lakes implementing this one, because one of its members has decided that the reasons students show up to school in baggy pants and booty shorts can all be blamed on good old mom and dad. Because they have the same fashion sense as the children they gave birth to. From The Sun Sentinel:

School Board member Rosalind Osgood wants something done about it. She says she sees way too many parents show up at in pajamas, hair curlers and pants that fall below the waist and expose underwear.

It makes it rough on those trying to uphold the dress code. As an example, she said the principal at Boyd Anderson High in Lauderdale Lakes gives students wearing sagging pants a belt to wear.

“But we have dads showing up in sagging pants,” she said during a School Board discussion this week. “It’s hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas or short shorts if they see parents wearing them. Parents need to lead by example.”


Give me a break. I think if parents take the time to actually show up at school to either meet with teachers or administrators or to pick their kids up they can dress how they want.  At least they care enough to show up at the school. And a lot of the times when a parent does show up at the school it’s because the school has called for whatever reason, because one of our dumb kids is sick or busted for something and we need to rush right down there to get them. If they wanted parents to dress all fancy and not wear curlers then they could at least have the decency not to call us during the day when our stories are on. Plus, whatever happened to do as I say not as I do? Kids are smart enough to understand that they should dress in a presentable manner during their jobs, which is the school day, and that just because their parents are wandering around with their booty shorts on that does not mean kids can do the same thing. My favorite part of this story is that the article also states:

Osgood also wants to hold a forum about the issue in September. “We might make it into a fashion show,” she said.


If there is one thing that will get the message across to kids about how they should dress for school it is watching their parents strut down some auditorium runway wearing smart, casual clothing while Madonna‘s Vogue plays over the loudspeaker. That’s going to go over real well.

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