Terrible Lunch Lady Tells First Grader In Debt, ‘Guess What? You Can’t Have A Lunch’

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boy-denied-lunchA seven-year-old with a negative balance in his lunch account was in a line to get his bag lunch at school when he was told by a cafeteria worker, ‘Guess what? You can’t have a lunch.’ What kind of person can look at a child, say those words, and deny him food? Not one that should be working anywhere near kids.


“It was a sack lunch. It was in a bag. She was passing it around to everybody. The lunch lady said, ‘Guess what? You can’t have a lunch.’ She said that. She said I can’t have a lunch,” Xavier said.

Xavier is on the free-lunch program. But instead of getting a meal, Xavier was sent home with a grumbling tummy and a slip saying he had a negative lunch balance, Xavier’s dad, Eric, told KCPQ.

It is not the district’s policy to deny children food. If there is a negative balance in a child’s lunch account, he’s given a cheese sandwich, unlimited fruits and veggies from the salad bar, and a drink. This woman was completely out of line denying the child food. She acted as if the money the family owed was coming out of her own pocket. Why would a cafeteria worker take a negative lunch balance so personally, to the point where she would deny a child food? The whole situation is just bizarre.

Javier had to go eight hours without food that day. That’s infuriating. The parents are angry about how the school handled the situation, and they should be. It’s amazing to me that an adult could look at a child and decide that he would go without food for eight hours. Not okay.