Katy Perry Takes Her Grandma To Meet Obama Because Grannies Make The Best Voting Buddies

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katy perryIn one of the biggest celebrity political endorsements this year, have a gander at this adorable portrait of Katy Perry with President Obama. And who is that frosted individual grasping both of their palms but Katy’s grandmother, Ann Hudson. My grandmother and I never had any opportunities to hold hands with consequential historical figures, but leave it to Katy Perry to make me envious. Granted, if I had the massive youth following that Perry has, I’m sure I could get POTUS on the line to do an entire photoshoot with myself, my grandmother, and even my cat if I threw in a bonus rally appearance.

The vocal voting advocate tweeted this patriotic snap along with the following message:

“May I exclusively present what might be the cutest photo ever taken: Me, Gma & POTUS! Happy voting tomorrow!”

Needless to say given those big smiles, the granddaughter-granny duo are reportedly both casting their ballot for President Obama this time around, with Katy boasting her decision through many an ensemble choice. Meanwhile, Barack just looks thrilled to be holding Granny Ann’s hand.