20 Feel Good Songs That Will Pick You Up Out of Any Funk

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I still have a hard time listening to any of his music without getting sad, so if it has the opposite effect of getting you out of your funk, my apologies. BUT THIS SONG.

Why was he so good? How is someone allowed to be that talented and good looking? It hurts that he’s gone, but his music will heal your soul. I promise. This song is the self-confidence boost you need sometimes. Feeling unsure of yourself? George is telling you to have faith. Not sure of your decision, or have some regrets? Listen to George – have faith. Trust yourself, trust your gut, trust your instinct, whatever. And trust me when I tell you that the opening beat of this song will put a smile right on your face. And then you need to dance, that’s part of the process.

It’s OK to be in a funk. Honestly, we all need to just wallow sometimes. But if you need a pick me up, put this playlist of feel good songs on. Even if it doesn’t cure what ails you, at the very least, it’ll put a smile on your face and a beat in your feet.

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