20 Feel Good Songs That Will Pick You Up Out of Any Funk

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We’ve all been there: you find yourself in a MOOD, and nothing seems to help. Not wine, not chocolate, not even a nap. Funks are hard to break, but feel good songs can certainly help. It would be nearly impossible to listen to one of these 20 songs and not end up smiling (or even dancing!) towards the end. So if you’re a bit down, with the holidays coming to an end and the pressures of a new year hanging over your head, press play on one of these 20 feel good songs, and turn that frown upside down!

There’s a lot of variety on this list, but they all have something in common: they’re upbeat dance songs. Because here’s the thing: sad melodies about heartbreak and heartache aren’t what we need when we’re depressed. They’re not what we need when we feel blue. Nothing is worse than hearing a sad, depressing song when you’re depressed. Way to kick me while I’m down, music! So yes, there is a lot of pop music on this list. Some R&B. A little 80’s. Even some rap! When you’re in a funk, you need something to pull you out of it. So save the sad songs for another day, and put together your own Music as Medication playlist with these feel good songs.

Feel good songs should do just that: make you feel good. We promise you won’t be able to resist this toe-tapper.

Bruno Mars is the actual King of Feel Good Songs. They’re just all so goddamn catchy! But “Uptown Funk” takes catchy to a whole new level, and it’s irresistible. There’s just something about Bruno Mars. He makes great music, sure. But he looks like he has THE MOST fun while doing it, and only wants to share his jollies with the world! The first time I heard a sad Bruno song I was like … what the hell is happening?! Bruno Mars is like a ray of goddamn sunshine and he can do no wrong in my book. This is just one of his many feel good songs.

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