Farrah Abraham’s Amazon Wish List Sells Out, The Woman Is Clearly A Genius

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BSr8xdPCIAAtw17__1378053161_142.196.156.251Do you guys know about the Amazon wish list? It’s a list of all the random things you want that you can post to Amazon. I’m assuming people use it for registries and such, but  you don’t need an occasion to ask for gifts. Just ask Teen Mom/ Porn Star Farrah Abraham. She made a list a couple weeks ago – and it already sold out.

A couple weeks ago, she tweeted a link to her Amazon wish list, asking fans to buy her stuff  – like kitchen appliances, furniture and glitter heels – to the tune of $14,000. They bought that shit. All of it. Can you believe it? At first I thought she was a genius, but apparently it’s common for porn stars, bloggers, random people who want stuff and anyone else who has the nerve to ask total strangers to buy them things to make these lists. Who knew?

Can anyone try this? You probably have to have some kind of fan base. She has 800,000-plus followers on Twitter and I only have 1,000 so I think the success of my list being fulfilled at all would be like the difference between spear fishing in a stream, or on a giant commercial boat with a huge net. I’m the spear-fisher in this scenario, obviously.

From what I’ve read, she was asking for about $13,800 worth of stuff for herself and about $200 worth of stuff for her daughter. I’m going to concur with one of Jezebel’s writers who said, “either keep your kid out of your weird sugar daddy arrangements or at the very least, get her the good, expensive shit.”

I know, you are probably thinking, “Can anyone try this, or do people have to want to see you naked?” I’m thinking the success of this endeavor would definitely be contingent upon the creepy creep generous fan who buys you the stuff wanting to imagine you wearing it/ lounging on it/ cooking you dinner with it.

(photo: Twitter)