Five Reasons That Still Have Me Thinking Beyonce’s Pregnancy Was Fake


Beyonce fake pregnancy Was Beyonce really pregnant? Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors are far from extinguished even though she and Jay-Z have welcomed Blue Ivy into the world. While there’s no denying that a little girl was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on Saturday night and that such a commotion kept parents out of the NICU, there exists videos, photos, and multiple theories suggesting that Beyonce was not carrying her. Although there was speculation for awhile that Beyonce was enhancing her baby bump for public appearances, certain tidbits suggest that a surrogate was involved — which is a perfectly viable route to motherhood as far as we’re concerned. But the way Beyonce’s carrying on, it’s obvious that a stigma for surrogacy lingers for contemporary mothers.  So from that infamous video of her belly collapsing to certain details of Blue’s birth, let’s review all together now.


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