Evan Rachel Wood Is That Happy First-Time Mom Who Watched ‘The Business Of Being Born’ And Had A Successful Home Birth

Evan Rachel Wood Pregnant Screening of 'A Case of You' during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Tribeca PACIn a genuine moment of “celeb moms! They’re just like us!” brand new mother Evan Rachel Wood seems to have considered her birthing options, had a lovely educational viewing of The Business Of Being Born, and been “aided” in her quest for a home birth. Sound familiar? The difference between her and say, you, who tried super hard for that natural home birth, and ultimately didn’t get it, and now feel consequently shamed by some natural birth advocates for needing medical intervention is that — lucky for Evan — it seems to have worked out for her! Lucky duck!

The new mother, who welcomed her son this week, tweeted her gratitude to the queen of birthing options herself, Ricki Lake:


Ricki Lake tweeted back the following warmhearted response:


All is well that ends in a health baby and healthy mother. Twitter kisses all around. Here’s to fewer women and fewer women drinking The Business Of Being Born kool-aide and crying into their c-section scars because they actually needed hospital assistance.  Here’s to less women fretting about how their bond with their baby has been compromised due to a procedure that either SAVED THEIR LIFE or their baby’s life.

We can’t all be Evan Rachel Wood. And that’s OK.

(photo: Andres Otero/WENN.com)

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