5 Hot Button Election 2012 Details You Might Want To Avoid With The Family This Thanksgiving

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Fresh off the completion of the election 2012 cycle, we’re going into Thanksgiving. And depending on what political affiliation you and your various family members belong to, that can mean an entire meal of awkward sauce. Damn the timing.

For keeping your family holiday bickering to a minimum, there are, of course, some obvious topics to steer clear of. For instance, you might not want to mention to your DOMA-supporting uncle that you’re really looking forward to all the gorgeous same-sex weddings you plan to go to in Maine next summer. Or about how you’ll definitely be booking your next vacation in Washington or Colorado. Anyone up for babysitting on that trip?

While we can hope that virtually every one around your dinner table can champion a record number of women being elected to the Senate, the aforementioned developments represent just the tip of a potentially explosive Thanksgiving iceberg. Much more subtle and divisive details about our 2012 election lurk just around that cranberry sauce. So keep an eye on where the conversation goes and be prepared to “shut that whole thing down” if your politically-opposed relatives start getting close to the following topics.


(photo: trekandshoot/ Shutterstock)