Couple Lets Facebook Users Pick Baby’s Name

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People who announce their pregnancy on Facebook or tweet their contractions in real-time are bad enough. But now an Illinois couple is bringing social media self-indulgence to a whole new level. Dave Meske, 27, and Lindsey Meske, 24, are expecting a baby girl in January. And they’re asking everyone on Facebook – all 800 million of them – to help name her by voting in a poll.

According to ZDNet, the Meskes have narrowed it down to four choices: McKenna, Madelyn, Addilyne and Emily. They created a poll on Facebook using the app Name My Child (yes, there’s an app called Name My Child). The page includes an ultrasound scan of the baby (of course it does!), along with the following description:

I need your help on naming my new baby girl! So Lindsey and I cannot decide on a name for our new baby girl. So we have decided to be the first parents ever to let the people of Facebook make that decision for us!

The Meskes are already parents to a four-year-old daughter, Brianna, whom they named themselves (I’m surprised they didn’t just ask Brianna to name her sister-to-be, come to think of it).

What do Dave and Lindsey’s family think of their little Facebook poll? “My in-laws think it’s funny. They know my personality,” Dave told the Daily Herald. “My parents think I’m crazy; they tell me, ‘You’re such a goofball.’”

I’m with Dave’s parents. What do you think?