CVS Is Making Shoppers Show ID When Buying Nail Polish Remover So Us Moms Can’t DIY Our Own Meth

CVS to require ID when buying nail polish remover Stupid wannabee Walter Whites ruin everything for us moms! This has happened to me so many times, one of my kids gets sick, always on a freakin’ Sunday morning, and there is no pharmacist around to sell me any medicine that contains pseudoephedrine. This includes stuff like Sudafed and Children’s NyQuil . (see comments for correction)  Even when the pharmacy counter is open I’m reluctant to purchase these things because even though I know they work well something just feels icky about asking for them, like I’m a criminal even though I just have a ten-year-old with a really bad summer cold. Well, now we can also feel all creeped out when buying nail polish remover because according to NBC Washington:

A new policy at the drug store chain caps the amount of acetone products a customer can purchase each day. Acetone, a common ingredient in many polish removers, is one of the ingredients used illegally to produce methamphetamine, the chain has said.

The policy was instituted about a week ago, a employee at a CVS location in Georgetown confirmed.

“Our policy limits the sale of these products in conjunction with other methamphetamine precursors and is based on various regulations requiring retailers to record sales of acetone,” said CVS Public Relations Director Mike DeAngelis.

Once you reach the register with your bottle of nail polish remover, your ID will be scanned. The system will then keep track of whether you purchase an acetone product later that day.

Mike DeAngelis is obviously not the father of a young daughter who has accidentally dumped an entire bottle of nail polish remover down the sink when trying to correct a marbleized manicure gone bad.

Home (and rolling!) meth labs are scary and I know meth is a huge problem, but the idea that I will get carded when buying nail polish remover is pretty absurd, especially when so many drug stores offer buy one get one deals on the store brands of removers. I wonder what else can be used to make drugs that will now be moved to behind the counter? I know some cleaning products are, but what if you are a mom with a bad cold who also feels the need to remove a chipped manicure? Does that get you on some watch list?

This news is all basically an excuse for us to discuss the season premiere of Breaking Bad from last night. Zomg what happened to the White’s house and how about that scene with Walter and Hank? I smell total emmy’s for both Dean Norris and Bryan Cranston. It was so stressful. So, so stressful.

(Image: AMC)

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