Kate And William Ask His Former Nanny To Care For Prince George And Now I Want To Cry

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shutterstock_148791713__1376240368_142.196.156.251Prince William and Kate Middleton have asked his former nanny, 71-year-old Jessica Webb to come out of retirement to help care for the little prince. Something about this makes me all weepy.

Don’t ask me to explain all of the royal baby fever – because I can’t. I can’t logically explain why as a child I loved watching Princess Diana get married, I can’t explain why I wept for days when she died and I can’t explain why I hold a special place in my heart for her kids. I just do, okay? Something about William choosing the nanny that Diana chose for him touches my heart.

In a way, I guess it makes me feel like Diana is able to participate in the rearing of her grandchildren a little. From the Mirror:

It was Princess Diana’s inspired choice to make her William’s main nanny at the age of seven before he went to prep school.

Prince Charles had at first favoured an old-school royal appointee.

It’s kind of ideal, if you think about it. Who better to raise your own children than the person you felt secure with as a child? It’s almost like having a grandmother look after your kids. Only it’s a grandmother you can pay and tell what to do. How perfect is that?

It always appeared that Diana was a fantastic mother who adored her kids. It’s nice to think that one of the decisions she made for her own children can be utilized again for her grandchild. My inexplicable royal-fascination continues as I wait to see if Jessica Webb accepts the job offer.

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