Watch Tia Taste Sister Tamera Mowry’s Placenta And Say It’s Not Half Bad

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Tia and TameraThe height of placenta eating has come and gone. Sure, some people think they’re still scandalizing us by putting together a placenta facial and swapping placenta recipes. But the celebrity mom trend of grabbing about placenta pills is so 2011. Don’t bother saying that though to the producers of the Tia and Tamera reality show – coincidentally named “Tia & Tamara.” In what can only be interpreted as a grab for ratings in the season finale, the sisters resorted to the whole eating of your sister’s placenta thing. Granted, I guess that is a step further than nursing your best friend’s baby.

The “Sister, Sister” actresses are all grown up and having babies. Most recently, Tamera Mowry welcomed baby Aden John in November of 2012. She also seems to be the exact  kind of person for whom new hospital policies regarding placenta release were designed, as the new mother had that organ condensed into some kind of a dropper — along with brandy, The Huffington Post reports.

After some sisterly taunting, Tia gives in to her sister’s pleas to try her placenta and reluctantly has a taste. And she says it tastes great.

Please god don’t let placenta cocktails infused with brandy, rum, or any other kind of booze become a thing. I see weird baby shower ritual written all over this.

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