Driver Unfairly Attacked By Mob After He Stopped To Check On Boy He Hit

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shutterstock_170033426__1396636378_142.196.167.223A Detroit man is in critical condition after he was beaten by a mob when he got out of his car to check on a boy he struck with his car. Police have said the driver is not at fault in the accident – so this just sounds like a bad situation made even worse.

The AP reports the 10-year-old boy stepped off a curb and into the path of the truck the 54-year-old man was driving. The boy, David Harris, is expected to recover from his injuries according to his uncle, Desmond Key.

Key, 21, said David and some friends were walking to a store from their homes when the boy was hit by the truck. One of the youths raced back to David’s home and told the family about the accident.

“I heard that he ran out in the street,” Key said. “When I showed up my nephew was on the ground screaming.”

Meanwhile, the driver was getting pummeled in the driveway of a nearby gas station.

Key said the driver was definitely trying to fight back, but there were too many people attacking him for it to do any good. He and his family did not know those who were beating the boy and he says, “Our main focus is on David. We weren’t cheering it on. We weren’t rooting for it.”

I can understand being taken aback by seeing a child struck by a car, but I really can’t understand why the driver would be mobbed like that. He is in critical condition with severe head injuries. If the accident really wasn’t his fault, like police came, and he wasn’t attempting to drive away – I’m not quite sure why a crowd would respond like this. Now a child has been struck and a man is in critical condition. That just makes a bad situation even worse.

No arrests were made in the beating but the boy’s father was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

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