These Dressed Up Pets Have Better Outfits Than Your Ugly Kid

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Yes, I know. Your kid is gorgeous and breath-taking and Speshul. You shop at Baby Gap and Gymboree and your child looks immaculate and adorable and precious AT ALL TIMES. You put forth so much effort and you think your kid is tops with their Janie and Jack finest. Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but these pets have more style in their front-left paw pads than your child has in their entire body. These sartorially advanced animals know what’s up and they are here to show up your kid with their amazingly coordinated outfits and Stride Rite sneakers. That’s right. Only the best. In my search, I was positively bowled over by the amount of style and sass these pets pack into their tiny bodies and basically had to let you all know that these dressed up pets have better outfits than your ugly kid. I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you.


1. This poodle has better shoes than your kid.

2. Just try not to be out-adorabled by this bunny and her cherry-print tutu.

 3. These cats are so freaking regal your dumb kid doesn’t stand a chance!

4. Maybe if you’re lucky, this piglet will school you on proper bandana tying procedures.


5. This chihuhua could beat your kid in a toddler beauty pageant. With one paw tied behind her back.

6. This dog is so fierce I just can’t even.

 7. When was the last time your kid looked this amazing dressed as a geisha? Never? That’s what I thought.

 8. Tacos are better than babies but a baby dog dressed as a taco is better than both tacos AND babies. Try to argue with me. You won’t win.

9. What could be cuter than an Audrey Hepburn kitty? Definitely not your kid.

10. Bow down. Bitch.