10 Sure Signs That You’re Raising A Special Snowflake

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We all know someone who’s raising a special snowflake. In fact, in the quest to ensure that each child is just as unique and different as can be, unique has become kind of mainstream. How then, are you supposed to raise your child so that they know for certain that the entire world revolves completely around them? It’s a dilemma, to be sure.

The reality is, It’s becoming more and more of a challenge to make sure that your child is the most special and most unique child to have ever walked the planet-it’s practically a full time job! With so many little Avocados and Katnisses running around, how can you be sure that you’re remaining significantly obnoxious and precious? Well, don’t worry.Just use this handy checklist that you can use to make sure  that you’re raising special snowflake kids.

1. You named them Quinoa or after some other grain.


2. You practice elimination communication.

3. You upload more than 50 photos of them to Facebook a day.

4. You consistently and unironically use the term “indigo child” to describe yours.

5. Your child isn’t rude, they’re “expressing themselves.”

6. You see nothing wrong with changing a diaper on a restaurant table.

7. You chew all of your child’s food for them, and judge people that don’t.

8. You bail them out of any consequence, no matter what they did to deserve it.

9. Bedtime is whenever your special snowflake kids say it is.

10. You are a yes parent, and your kid does whatever they want.

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