10 Reasons Tacos Are Way Better Than Babies

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taco tuesday

It’s taco Tuesday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but taco Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because it has taco right there in the name. As much as I pretty much hate everything about Texas, the one thing I have to give them is that no one does tacos like Texas does tacos. I’m even having a breakfast taco as a type this because here in Texas, there are very few things we won’t put in a tortilla and call a taco.

Are tacos better than everything else in the whole world? Yes. “Even better than babies?” you might be asking. Yes, duh, tacos are better than everything. Especially babies. Here’s why.

10. Tacos can come with a delicious, crispy outer shell. Babies don’t.

9. Tacos never cry when you put sour cream on them, unlike babies, who will totally cry if you try to put sour cream on them.

8. No one will judge you if you drink two or three margaritas while eating tacos. But try to drink a couple of margaritas at your 9:00 AM playgroup, and see what happens.

7. You can bribe people with promise of delicious tacos, but you can’t bribe them with your baby. No one would take a baby-based bribe.

6. Tacos are significantly less expensive than babies.

5. Carry some tacos around in a sack, no one bats an eye. Carry around a sack of babies, and suddenly everyone has an opinion.

4. You can put tacos in the fridge for later, but doing this with babies is generally frowned upon.

3. You can easily procure tacos at a drive-thru window, whereas procuring babies is a much longer, more painful, and significantly more expensive experience.

2. Tacos will never grow up to pierce a few body parts and resent you.

1. Tacos don’t get upset when you bite them, whereas babies do not seem to like this.

On the other hand, both babies and tacos will keep you up late into the night.

(Image: Ted)