A Kid Offered to Babysit His Aunt’s Dog, But That Came With Hilariously Over-the-Top Dog-Sitting Rules

You don’t have to have a baby to be an overprotective Pinterest mom. One Twitter user signed on to babysit his aunt’s dog, Pepper, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” and when he arrived at her house he found a set of instructions so intense they make Gwyneth Paltrow look chill. And it’s wonderful, because if anybody deserves belly rubs and a no-carb diet, it’s Pepper, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Tommy Rivers had agreed to house sit for his aunt and take care of Pepper while she was away. When he arrived, he found this sheet of instructions more detailed than the U.S. tax code and more elegantly laid out than the menus at a society wedding.


Pepper has  purple tail, she is not a low-maintenance pupper

pepper dog sitting instructions

Pepper is not allowed to have carbs, and she must get big hugs but only little kisses. Tommy is also instructed to send a photo of Pepper every day so his aunt knows she’s OK, and to have Pepper Face Time his aunt so they can talk while she’s away.

He’s also instructed not to yell at her when she barks at things or hurt her (one hopes that would have been obvious!) and also that he must know where she is at all times.

His final instructions are: “Don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her.”

Tommy posted his aunt’s totally over-the-top dog-sitting instructions to Twitter, and he included a photo of the delightful Pomeranian, and now Twitter is in love with them both. The original tweet has been retweeted more than 55,000 times. Many of the responders wanted to check in and make sure Tommy was doing a good enough job of caring for the most beautiful girl in the world.

Pepper is the Internet’s dog now


Pepper loves the attention, and Tommy checked in with a new photo of Pepper. Not only does he have her all groomed and ready to go to sleep in her big giraffe bed, she’s even wearing a spanking clean pair of penguin pajamas.


That is one cute dog. Tommy had better take really good care of her, because his aunt’s not the only one who loves her anymore. Pepper is the Internet’s dog now.

(Image: Twitter / Tommy Rivers)

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