Frozen Fever‘s Trailer Reveals Elsa Has A New Song And Costume Your Kids Are Going To Want

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If you’re a competitive sort of Pinterest mom, consider the starter pistol fired, because there’s a new Frozen Fever trailer out there, and Elsa needs a new outfit.

The new trailer has just dropped for Frozen Fever–Disney’s cunning plan to get that last $10.50 out of your wallet while they work on slamming out Frozen 2 ASAP while there is still money left in the world new animated short about Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and all the other people your kids love more than anybody in the world, including you. It gives us a pretty good idea what Frozen Fever is going to be about: It’s Anna’s birthday, and everyone has planned a big party for her. Most importantly, the trailer reveals a new song, and new costumes for both Anna and Elsa.

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The song appears to be a big, over-the-top celebration number where a million tiny children sing, “We’re making today a perfect day!” Be prepared for that to be in your head for the rest of your life. Hey, at least it will kick “Let It Go” out of your ears for a few days, until someone makes a mash-up.

The new costumes look green and springy, and my inner 8-year-old wants to wear them both already.

The new Frozen Fever short opens March 13 and will air in theaters before the new live-action Cinderella starring Lily James, so seriously, just give Disney all your money now. They’re going to get it eventually.